DSAA 2017 Information for Attendees

Information for presenters and session chairs is here.


  1. Registration: Registration desk is located at the foyer of Room B (Solver12) of 12th floor and is open throughout the following period.
    October 18: 18:00 to 21:00 (at the foyer of Opal17 [Reception venue] of 17th floor)
    October 19: 7:30 to 17:00
    October 20: 8:00 to 17:00
    October 21: 8:00 to 13:00
    If you arrive on Wednesday, please come and register to avoid the Thursday morning crowd.
  2. Name tag: Each participant will receive a name tag at registration. Please bring it with you at all conference events.
  3. Receipt: A receipt for the registration fee and a certificate of attendance are included in the bag. By default the receipt is issued to the participant, but if you want it to be your organization, we will reissue it at the registration desk. A receipt of the hotel is also included for those who booked and paid through the registration site.
  4. Coffee and Lunch Breaks: Food and drinks served in the foyer of Room A (Topaz15) and Room B (Silver12) are included in the registration fee.
  5. Lunch: DSAA2017 provides a lunch coupon that you can use to buy your lunch during the conference (19-21 Oct.). The restaurants that accept the coupon are printed on the back of the coupon. Please note that there is no refund for the unused portion of the coupon.
  6. Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi will be available at the Conference venue during the whole conference. SSID and the password are given at the registration desk.
  7. Mobile Phones: Please make sure to switch off your mobile phones during the sessions.
  8. Emergency Contacts: Emergencies related to the conference should be directed to:
    +81-80-6259-6550 (Satoshi Kurihara, Local Organization Chair),
    +81-90-9312-2918 (Hiroshi Motoda, General Chair)
  9. Banquet: The banquet in the evening of 20 Nov. is held at Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa (Prince Room) which is within a walking distance from the main conference hotel. The map is given in the brochure.
  10. Currency: The currency of Japan is Yen (JPY). International credit cards are accepted for payments in most hotels, restaurants and shops. ATM machines are available throughout the city.
  11. Electricity: Tokyo uses a 100 volt 50 Hz system with Type A plug.
  12. Insurance: The organizers of DSAA2017 cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage occurring during the conference.