DSAA 2017 Instructions for Presenters and Chairs

General information for attendees is here.


For all general inquiries regarding projector/computer/Internet issues please contact the registration desk.


  1. Each of the conference rooms will have a projector and a laptop. The laptop will have Powerpoint and .pdf viewing software pre-installed and connected to the Internet. If you want to use your own laptop, you may do so. Both VGA and HDMI interfaces are available.
  2. You should be in the conference room 10 minutes before your session and report to the Session Chair. Copy your presentation to the laptop or set up your own laptop. Check if everything works fine. A volunteer will be available in every main session room to provide assistance.
  3. The time allocated to each speaker, including time to set up and time for questions, is:
    – Research track: 30 minutes for long presentation and 20 minutes for regular presentation.
    – Application track and Special sessions: 25 minutes.


  1. Please make sure to show up 10 minutes before the session starts to check the equipment works.
  2. Please stick to the schedule. If a speaker fails to show up, please announce a short break and report to the registration desk before you leave the session.
  3. Please moderate questions.
  4. Please do not start sessions or talks early as attendees may need some time to move between rooms.


  1. Poster sessions are scheduled all the three days. This is not mandatory but optional. Papers orally presented on each day can have posters in the same day, i.e., posters in 19 Nov. are for the papers presented in 19 Nov.
  2. Poster session takes place in the coffee break areas (foyer of Room A [Topaz15] and B [Silver12] and also in the exhibition area of Room B [Silver12]) during the two coffee breaks and lunch break each day. Since this is optional, there is no prespecified board assigned to each paper.
  3. The poster size should be A0 (841 x 1189 mm) in portrait orientation. Presenters should set up their poster before the keynote talk for the day, and should remove their posters after the end of sessions for the day. There are enough number of poster boards. Volunteers will be available to assist you.
  4. In your presentation, bells will ring as follows:
    • One bell at 10 minutes before the end of your presentation time
    • Two bells at 5 minutes before the end of your presentation time
    • Three bells at the end of your presentation time